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New raw Rustmouth song posted! 

We recently entered one of our new songs into a contest we knew we wouldn't win, but for the sake of punishment we did it anyway.  Bear in the mind that this song is raw and was quickly mixed for the contest.  It was re-amped using an Orange Jim Root head and a Marshall 1960 Lead cab with Celestion G12T-75 speakers.  Of course we had a ton of other pedals in the signal chain, but you'll get the idea.  

Chances are we'll re-amp the album again toward the end of the process with our new custom-built cabs and…Read more

Songs, songs, and more songs! 

We have 18 songs completed musically for the new album. We hit a bit of a delay the last few months as we got distracted by buildling our own custom guitar cabinets. They came out so well we have decided to begin manufacturing them. More details on that to come later.

As for the new album, since we now have new equipment to enjoy, we've started to experiment with new tones and techniques. Of course, this lead to delays in song writing. We're not on a timetable since we're a DIY band and do everything…Read more

Calling all drummers! 

That's right, sports fans, Rustmouth is looking for a real-live drummer to play real-live shows! Contact us here if you're interested. 

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